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Unless you live under a rock…

you are probably very well aware that we are getting closer to the BIG day. Yup I am calling it the big day, that day that appears every four years – Election Day. Now before you groan and move off this page I just want you to check in with yourself and ask this question: Have I registered to vote? ( I did not ask you how you are going to vote, or what the most important issue in the campaign is or any of those other questions hanging out there at this time of year!)

Have you moved in the past year? The past two years or the past four? ┬áSome of us move around more than others. When you moved did you register to vote at your new address? If you have not, please get yourself to the city/town clerk’s office and register to vote!!

It really is very important – for you, for me, for your friends, relatives and especially for your community. Voting is a special privilege we have in this country and it is very important to exercise it. Ooops, I am getting ahead of myself!!

Please, if you are not already registered to vote at your current residence, do it this week!