Lessons I have learned about being a strong and independent woman


Sometimes it is difficult to be an strong, independent person, let alone a woman. Many things have contributed to me being able to say that indeed, I am a strong and independent woman, this blog will ruminate about some of these things that I have noticed. Feel free to comment about ways that you too have become a strong and independent person.

I have been researching my family for over thirty years, many of you know that this is an ongoing process that is never going to end. In the early years I ignored my maternal line because I thought that it had all been done before, the New England stock existed in books very thick and I heard all the stories (or so I thought). Instead I attempted to fill in huge gaps on my paternal line – midwesterners with no interest in the “old ones.”

Eventually I came to my senses and came back to my maternal line. With New Englanders throughout the region they fought for their lives, education, spread religous teachings all while chopping trees, cooking and raising families. They made their homes in cities, towns and some where there were no other people.  These are the men and women whose DNA runs thorugh me. Finding and telling their stories is energizes me!

As I age, I think that it is important to reflect and give thanks for the many experiences lived, and to be open to the many more yet to be lived. Yahoo folks, life is a wonderful journey that is meant to be lived!


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